Palehua Wind is a wind energy project in the Palehua area of West Oahu. It seeks to harness the power of the wind and convert it into clean, sustainable energy, bringing Hawaii one step closer to its 100 percent renewable energy goal.


The project will include up to 13 turbines capable of generating about 149,000 MWh of energy annually, with the potential to power 25,000 homes homes. The energy generated would be available to homes and businesses in West Oahu, powering this community.

Community Impact

 The project’s sale of clean wind energy to Hawaiian Electric will help fund restoration work on more than 1,600 acres of land in the Palehua area, drastically reducing the risk of erosion and brushfires in the area. Not only that, the energy generated by this project has the potential to reduce the burning of fuel at area power plants in the future, improving air quality in our community.

It will provide long-term economic benefits, energy security and job opportunities to the state of Hawaii.