Why Palehua?

Renewable energy projects must be built in the proper location, where resources are most abundant, in order to fulfill their goal of providing clean energy for the community.

Studies have identified West Oahu, and Palehua in particular, as a prime location with more reliable wind and solar potential than anywhere else on the island.

We can harness the power of the wind to generate clean, affordable, renewable energy that will benefit Hawaii residents for years to come.


Positive Impacts

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For years, Palehua has suffered from environmental issues that damage the land and impact neighboring communities.

  • Erosion. The area is heavily eroded and sediment runoff affects water quality in the Honouliuli watershed.

  • Invasive species. Non-native plants and grasses have taken over and harm the watershed and animal habitats.

  • Fire. Invasive dry grasses, eucalyptus and ironwood cause a significant and dangerous fire risk, which threatens residents’ health and homes.

Palehua Wind provides an opportunity to address environmental damage, offering positive benefits to the land and residents.

  • Reforestation with native species will mitigate the damage from erosion, protect the watershed, and restore animal habitats.

  • Removing invasive plants and creating access roads and breaks will reduce fire risk.

  • Land management and maintenance will preserve cultural sites.

  • Zoning for the clean energy project and reforestation efforts will protect the Palehua area from residential development and preserve the land’s beauty for everyone.

Eurus Energy is committed to working with landowners to support restoration efforts that help heal the land.