Eurus Energy

Eurus Energy

Eurus Energy America is a U.S.-based renewable energy leader jointly owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation (a member of the Toyota Group) and Tokyo Electric Power Company.

A pioneer in renewable energy development, Eurus Energy owns and operates over 700 MW of projects in the United States. Its first wind farm, built in the California desert in 1987, remains in operation today.

Eurus Energy built, owns and continues to operate the largest solar farm in Hawaii, EE Waianae Solar Project (27.6 MW), which provides power to more than 4,000 Oahu homes.

Eurus Energy is committed to helping Hawaii achieve its clean energy goals with an abiding respect for the land and local community.


Gill Ewa Lands

In 2009, the heirs of Lt. Gov. and U.S. Rep. Tom and Lois Gill, and conservationist Lorin Gill, purchased 1,600 acres of land along the eastern slope of the Waianae Range. GEL pledged to keep the lands in agriculture and conservation.

Today, GEL owns Camp Palehua, which provides environmental education and opportunities for volunteers to engage in ecological restoration. It also leases its lands to agriculture and research partners to fund its restoration work.